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Switch to Black is a rock trio from Surrey, British Columbia, that play a unique brand of hard rock heavily influenced by metal, punk and grunge. Their poignant lyrics and musical style are derived from personal experiences and current themes relevant to the youth of today, tomorrow and yesterday. With a disdain for the sophisticated- just like their heroes- the message comes together in a visceral package;  raw and unapologetic. With the release of their first EP, Nascent Noise, in early 2015 they have been following up with their live show in venues throughout the Vancouver area.


Switch To Black's origin began during the eighth grade at Elgin Park Secondary. Curtis Heimburger had been playing guitar and piano for several years, and Adam Keane had been playing the drums while Slade Brown recently took up the bass. Good friends and already musicians, they quickly began to jam together in their free time. The next step of becoming an actual band was obvious. Initially named Dead-Lights, their covers of Nirvana and Green Day could often be heard belting out into the school halls from empty music rooms and, occasionally, the cafeteria at lunch time.


Picking up gigs near home, the new band could be seen trying out their covers on summer outdoor stages on White Rock beach and various locations in Surrey. Around this time, they changed their name to Switch to Black. In 2014, when the band started composing and rehearsing their own original material, more gigs started popping up at community halls and youth hang-outs in Vancouver's Eastside. They had been writing music since the band’s conception, but now the songs were coming out faster and stronger. This culminated with the release of their first EP, Nascent Noise (produced and engineered by Chris Young of Hawking), in early 2015 Switch to Black started gaining traction and can now be seen playing across Vancouver.


Plugged into the music scene of their home town and surrounding burrows, Switch To Black simply wants to participate in this ever evolving musical scene and enjoy the ride. Above all, this is a trio of music fans. Currently, they are collecting songs and ideas for a follow-up EP or full length album. They welcome any chance to interact with anyone interested in their music or performances, and are always willing to contact their fans/. You can follow them on most major social media sites, sign up for their email list, buy or stream their music, and, better still, catch a performance at a show near you.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Curtis Heimburger
Backup Vocals, Bass / Slade Brown
Drums / Adam Keane



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"It's hard to believe that the guys in South Surrey hard-rock band Switch to Black are just 16. The way the trio — singer-guitarist Curtis Heimburger, bassist Slade Brown and drummer Adam Keane — held the audience's attention during the city's second-ever PechaKucha Night Feb. 4 at Surrey's City Hall suggested they'd been a band for years. And, their stage presence screams — literally — that they're beyond their years." Click to read more.

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